Kitchens can be particularly vulnerable to pest infestations. This is because kitchens are an obvious source of food and liquids for pests. And they provide plenty of shelter and warmth. Consider all the hiding spots in a typical kitchen! Not only are these unpleasant and unsightly visitors, they can pose a serious health risk to your family, No one wants pests in their home, but the unfortunate reality is that it is something most people have to deal with at some point in their lives. Below are four of some of the most common indoor pests, and how a pest control professional can help you prevent and eradicate them.



Cockroaches are an alarming sight in any kitchen. Although relatively small pests, they can pose a big health risk. Many people, especially asthma sufferers, are allergic to them. And they can spread bacteria and disease as they travel through the kitchen. A female cockroach can produce as many as 300 offspring in a year. Roaches like small, tight, and dark spaces where they are hard to reach. They do require food and water to live, but they can turn almost anything into food, so water is the big one here. These bugs are hardy and resistant to many traditional pest control methods, but a professional can help you get rid of them and make recommendations on how to prevent a recurrence in the future.



Kitchens are a favorite target for rats. It provides them with plenty of food, liquid, warmth and shelter. Once they establish a presence in a kitchen, they can spread many germs, pathogens and bacteria, resulting in sickness or even death for people who come into contact with them. Their droppings are a particular risk, so if you spot rodent droppings in your premises, take action immediately. Rats cause about ₦30 billion naira worth of damages to Homes, offices, farms and other facilities. They have to feed 15 to 25 times per day. Female rats produce 144 babies a year. Those babies start having babies after two months. You can continue the calculation later.Examine your kitchen for possible access points, and take necessary precautions, such as sealing up gaps. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally invite rodents inside. Don’t leave discarded food or rubbish lying around.


Ants have a way of finding their way to the smallest of crumbs, and once they are in your kitchen it can be hard to get rid of them. Depending on the breed of ant, they may be mostly harmless, they might have a painful bite, or they may even be able to cause structural damage to your home. If you keep seeing ants in your home, speak with a pest control professional to help you get rid of them as soon as possible. Ants can be a tricky pest to control because of their tiny size. They are able to access the kitchen through tiny cracks and openings, in their search for shelter or food. We estimate that there are about 10,000 ants living in a kitchen.


When termites invade a home, they often attack cabinets. Termites infest kitchen cabinets from a crack in the wall or come up through the flooring. Termites in cabinets can remain hidden for a long time. They can cause serious damage to the cabinet, to the contents, and to the structure of the home. If the damage is more invasive than it looks repairing the surface will not fix the problem, you may need professional help. We are still working on our termites counting machine, but we believe there are 10,000 termites hiding in certain areas in a kitchen.

Many homeowners have their home inspected regularly by a pest control professional. These experts can recognize the signs of pest activity. They understand pest behavior and habits and they know where the common pest entry ways are located.You can make a free request and we will connect you to five (5) pest control professionals. Compare the quotes you receive and hire the pro that suits your budget. Click here to make a free request or text REQ to 33811 from your mobile phone.

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