Looking naturally refreshed is not that easy and always possible. Working late, finishing household chores, and night up with kids can make you look exhausted! It’s hard to catch a good nap all the time when women have too many things to do. But, you still want to look fresh and good the next morning! “You look exhausted’’ is one of the last thing that any women would want to hear. If you have not managed to catch up enough sleep but still wants to look refreshed, not to worry! Here are 10 makeup tricks to fake your well-rested face.

1. Cold water works great

Once you wake up, washing your face with hot water may feel good, but it can dehydrate your skin. Face usually looks little puffy in the morning as the pores expand during we sleep. Cold water works great on your face as it closes the pores and soothes your eyes. A splash of cold water works as great as anti-aging cream and makes you look awake. It’s one of the useful and easy tips to look less tired.

2. Moisturize your skin


Pick up the moisturizer that suits your skin type. There is a moisturizer for every skin type- be it dry, sensitive, oily or normal. Just that you need to find the right one! Using the right makeup product is more important. You can also go with the daily moisturizer containing SPF formula to avoid fine lines and wrinkles over the long run. Skin that lacks moisturizer looks dull. Moisturize your skin to keep your complexion hydrated and look gorgeous with natural and healthy glow.

3. Put on lighter shade under eye concealer

When you have not had enough sleep, dark circle and tiered eyes make you look more exhausted. To fake an extra hour of sleep, conceal the dark circles under eyes. Go with lighter shades that can really give a fresh and vibrant look. Shades lighter than your skin color can cover up the dark circle and make you look awesomely awake.

4. Highlighter can add some glow

Makeup products like highlighter are the life savers for those days when you really look sleepy and tiered. Its magical effect can add glow to your skin and give you more awake look. Blend the concealer properly to get the natural look.

5. Curl it out to get the wider eye look

Curl up your eye lashes to give your eyes wider and awake look. Use lash curlers to maximize the lift. Then put on a volumizing and darker mascara. When your lashes are upturned, eyes look opened wider and awake. If you do not have long eye lashes, you can go with artificial lashes too!

6. Use nude eyeliner to make an illusion

Instead of using black liner on your lower lashes, go with nude colors like white and beige. More than white, beige can give more natural look. Nude eyeliners sparkle up your eyes instantly and make them look bigger and wide awake.

7. Add some colors to your cheeks

A light and shimmery shades of blush on your cheekbones brightens your entire face. Go with rosy pink or light shimmery gold. Avoid shades that are too bold which can make you look even more tiered. A hint of light blush colors on your cheek can make you look vibrant and beautifully awake.

8. Play with lipstick shades

Drawing the focus on to your lips with the brighter shades of lip colours is one more useful makeup tips that one can try. Go with bold and bright colours. It draws attention from other parts of the face. Bright colour makes your smile stand out and distract people to notice overall look.

9. Highlight your brows

Highlighting brows adds natural radiance and gives perfect finish. First set it with a gel and then start with lighter brow colors and deeper brow colors to finish. Highlighted brow finish can accentuate your eye makeup.

10. Wear a smile!

‘’You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile’’- the saying is very true. A true tips to look beautifully awake and less tiered is to wear a smile. A beautiful smile can naturally lift up your look and de-puff your eyes.

Try out these 10 makeup tricks and tips to look vibrant and gorgeous. De-puff your eyes, conceal the dark circles, lash out, highlight and add some colours to cheeks and lips to give the perfect finish to your look. Get moving, stay well hydrated, care for your skin and stay happy to look beautifully awake.

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